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7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease

'Balloon Pooram' during 2024 Thrissur Pooram

7th Midnight was remarkable

7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease
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7th Midnight is a Malayalam time-thriller movie written and directed by Aneesh Govind. The film features director Aneesh Govind playing the lead role. It is also special that the three heroines are Sajitha Manoj, Catherine Maria, and Honey Rose Peter. The movie 7th Midnight is produced under the banner of Aneesh Govind Productions. The story, screenplay, and dialogues are written by the director himself. The film also stars Tito Wilson, PN Sunny, Jenson Alappat, Raj Mohan, Sajitha Manoj, Catherine Maria, and Honey Rose Peter along with leading Tamil and Malayalam actors.

The DOP of the film Ezham Pathira are Regine Santos, Sandeep Sankardas, and Joel Agnel and the editor is Miljo Johny. The project designer of the film is Rajashree CV and the chief associate director is Sreekanth Soman. The executive producers of the film are Dr. Thara and Bijoy Bhaskar.

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Thrissur Pooram with balloon Pooram!

ezham paathira, ezham pathira, mallurelease

Gazing up at the ascending balloon, the spectators in Thekkinkadu Maidanam applauded and raised their hands. Balloons featuring the movie poster were flown in conjunction with the marketing of Aneesh Govind's Thrissur-based film 'Ezham Pathira' The 7th Midnight. It was an independent film promotion in Kerala. Thousands of people came to witness Pooram and Balloon Pooram. Director Aneesh Govind piloted the balloon alongside Janeesh Jose, Suveesh, Melvin Shobith, Shobith Shobhan, Vinod Variyath, and Velayudhan from the film crew. They bravely piloted the balloon during the Pooram Ground stampede.

ezham paathira, ezham pathira, mallurelease

Director and actor Major Ravi released the first look poster for the film, "Ezham Pathira, 7TH Midnight" on 4 February 2024 through social media. The movie's first-look poster went viral on social media and was written and directed by Aneesh Govind for Aneesh Govind Productions. The audience responded well to the poster.

7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease
7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease

Renowned director Lal Jose conducted the audio launch of the 7th Midnight released at Thrissur. The ESAF Group of Social Enterprises and Cedar Retail arranged the audio launch, which took place at the Harvest Carnival in front of a sizable crowd. The main attendees included music director Ratheesh Vegha, MD of Cedar Retail; Paul Thomas, MD and CEO of ESAF; and Alok Thomas Paul, MD. The members of the film team also took part in the event alongside them. The film's songs, written and directed by Anish Govind for Anish Govind Productions, will be available soon. This movie is a mystery thriller. The director Anish Govind is the main actor.

7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease

After Midhun Manuel Thomas's Anjaam Pathiraa the film '7th Midnight' is coming to win the hearts of the audience. Producer Sophia Paul unveiled the title movie poster of the first production from Aneesh Govind Productions on 5 January 2024. On the first day itself, the title poster went viral on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Reputable directors remarked that the movie is a multilayered poster. One could characterize this movie as a mystery thriller.

The music for the film '7th Midnight' is composed by Manikandan Ayyappa and Rakesh Swaminathan from the lyrics of Jyothish T Kassi and Sobhith Sobhan. The first song "Vagaviriyum" was released on 20 April 2024 by Millennium Audios.

Ezham Paathira movie hit the theaters soon.

Video Jukebox

Manikandan Ayyappa .. Music
Jyothish Kassi .. Lyricist
Hanan Shaah .. Singer

7th midnight malayalam movie mallurelease


Aneesh Govind
tito.wilson.180_imageTito Wilson
PN Sunny
jenson_alappat_imageJenson Alappat
Raj Mohan
Sajitha Manoj
Catherine Maria
Honey Rose Peter


Aneesh Govind Productions .. Banner
Aneesh Govind .. Director, Producer, Writer
Regine Santos, Sandeep Sankardas, Joel Agnel .. Cinematography
Miljo Johny .. Editor
Sujith Acharya .. Art Director
Shine Nellankara, Prince Ponnani .. Makeup
Reena Benoy .. Costumes
Rakesh Swaminathan .. Background Score
Bijoy Bhaskar .. Production Controller
Assan Ambalapadi, Kovaimani .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Kaanchan TR, Rahees Robins, Binish NV .. Stills
Shibin C Babu .. Designs

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