Ramesh Pisharodys Next Directorial Film

Badusha Cinemas' new film directed by Ramesh Pisharody

In Santhosh Aechikkanam's screenplay, Soubin Shahir plays the lead

The untitled movie is directed by Ramesh Pisharody, his third directorial project. The film features Soubin Shahir as the lead character. The movie is produced by NM Badusha and Shinoy Mathew under the banner of Badusha Cinemas. The screenplay for the film is written by the famous storywriter Santhosh Aechikkanam.

This movie presents a topic that is relevant to today's audience in a realistic way with an urban backdrop and engaging scenes.

The latest movie was announced on 5 January 2024 through the Facebook handle of the director. The first week of May marks the beginning of the film's production.



badushaa cinemasBadushaa Cinemas .. Banner
RameshPisharodyofficial_imageRamesh Pisharody .. Director
badushanm.nm_imageBadusha NM, Shinoy Mathew .. Producers
Santhosh_Aechikkanam_imageSantosh Aechikkanam .. Writer
* .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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