The Mistaker Who? | ദി മിസ്റ്റേക്കർ ഹൂ? (2024)

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

On May 31, the director couple's film 'The Mistaker Who?' will be released

Suspense horror thriller The Mistaker Who?

31 May 2024
The Mistaker Who? Malayalam suspense horror thriller movie directed by Maaya Sivaa and Sivaa Nair. The cast of the film includes Adithyadev, Daya, Arya, Adv. Rajeev Kulikileri, Sreelatha, Ramani, Reshma, Christina, Jaya, Ramavarma, Bipin, Biju, Vineesh, Maniyan Srivaraham, and Subramani. The movie The Mistaker Who? is produced by Maaya Sivaa under the banner of Adithyadev Films. The story and screenplay for the film The Mistaker Who? is written by Maaya Sivaa.

The film's central topic is the hero's complicated issues and inner turmoil as he seeks retribution from those accountable for his family's demise. The main actor is Adithyadev, the son of filmmakers Maaya and Sivaa. The protagonist Adithyadev acted in movies such as Made in Trivandrum and Dhann.

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

In front of the camera, the son portrays the hero. The boy's mother and father were discussing action and cutting behind the scenes. A unique visual surprise has concluded "The Mistaker Who?" thriller horror movie with tension. Shiva Nair and Maya Shiva are such parents. The movie's protagonist is his son, Aditya Dev. Aditya Dev, his son, has acted in leading roles in films including Than and Maya Siva's Made in Trivandrum. It also has the advantage that all of the film's primary technical issues are handled by these three individuals.

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

The hero is on a mission to exact revenge on those who brought his family to ruin. The film's central topic revolves around the intricate issues he encounters while traveling and the ensuing psychological turmoil. The film was shot in and around Thiruvananthapuram.

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'The Mistaker Who?' was composed by Maaya Sivaa along with the lyrics and Ravi Shankar is the singer.

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

Director duo Maaya Sivaa and Sivaa Nair's suspense horror thriller 'The Mistaker Who?' hits the theaters by FEUOK on May 31, 2024.

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Kalam Kathu Vacha
Maaya Sivaa .. Music, Lyricist
Ravi Sankar .. Singer

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease

the mistaker who malayalam movie mallurelease


Adv. Rajeev Kulikileri
Maniyan Srivaraham


Adithyadev Films .. Banner
Maaya Sivaa - Sivaa Nair .. Director
Maaya Sivaa .. Producer, Writer, Cinematography, Art Director, Makeup, Costumes
Adithyadev .. Cinematography, Editor
Sivaa Nair .. Makeup, Action
* .. Background Score
Anil Perunthanni .. Production Controller
ajay.thundathil.1_imageAjay Thundathil .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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