Rakshasi | രാക്ഷസി: Ladykiller

Lady action movie "Rakshasi" audio launch held

Rakshasi, Lady Action Thriller movie to theaters

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Rakshasi is a Malayalam movie written and directed by Mehamood KS. The film features Ruthvi Patel and Preeti Goswami, who are notable in the new line of Bollywood and are playing the lead roles. The movie is produced by Pawan Kumar and Ramesh Vyas under the banners of Roshika Enterprises and LGF Studios. The story and screenplay was written by the director Mehamood himself.

The Gokulam Park Hotel at Ernakulam hosted the audio and trailer launch for the lady oriental action thriller flick Rakshasi. Renowned filmmaker Vinayan conducted the release ceremony. Renowned filmmakers were present during the function.

rashasi malayalam movie mallurelease

The film tells the adventurous life story of the smart and intelligent Supriya IPS. Supriya IPS has taken charge of a new city and has started efforts to transform that city into a clean city. Supriya first lashed out against the drug mafia. The drug mafia could not stop the intelligent and cunning Supriya's moves. It was then that a team consisting of Ashwani Verma, Vishwam, and four others came to Asti with a new project. Their goal was to start in India's largest shopping mall city. A partner was killed during the preliminary work of the shopping mall, which was to be launched with an investment of Rs 1,000 crore. Supriya IPS took over the investigation of this murder which shocked the city. The investigation into this mysterious murder was fraught with great challenges. As the investigation progressed, two more partners were killed in recent days. With that, Supriya IPS started a more vigorous investigation into this series of murders, which were discussed all over Kerala. All the audience will be attracted by the shocking events that follow.

rashasi malayalam movie mallurelease

Rakshasi is a different kind of lady oriental action thriller film. The principal actors in Rakshasi are Ruthvi Patel and Preeti, well-known figures in Bollywood's new wave. Their role in the movie as action heroines makes them even more unique. It is also special that the lead characters appear as action heroines in the film. Overall, Rakshasi can be described as a lady-oriental action thriller film.

rashasi malayalam movie mallurelease rashasi malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film 'Rakshasi' is composed by PK Bash.

Rakshasi movie which has completed shooting, will hit the theaters in March 2024.


Ruthvi Patel
Preeti Goswami
Rafeek Chokli
Saleem Baba
Gracia Arun
Nimisha Bijo
Vikram Jayan Mumbai


LGF Studios, Roshika Enterprises .. Banner
Mehmood KS .. Director, Writer
Ramesh Vyas, Pawan Kumar .. Producers
Mani Shetty .. Cinematography
Manoj Bugle .. Editor
* .. Art Director
Nishaanth Supran .. Makeup
Abbas Panavally .. Costumes
Joy Madhav .. Background Score
Nidish Murali .. Production Controller
Saravanan .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Shibu Paul .. Stills
* .. Designs

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