Music director Harikumar Hareram as playback singer

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Music director Harikumar Hareram becomes playback singer

Swaram, music lovers taking up the songs

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Kochi: In the movie "Swaram" which is still showing in theaters with a strong audience turnout, young music director Harikumar Hareram made his debut in the playback singing. Two songs have been sung by the film's music director, Harikumar Hareram. Music enthusiasts have been moved by Harikumar and Shara Girish's rendition of the love song "Akasha Melappil". "Thaalashruthi", a semiclassical song, is also noteworthy. In addition to Malayalam, Harikumar has sung in Telugu and Tamil motion pictures, including "Danger Zone" and "The Black Moon." In addition to his musical abilities, Harikumar Hareram has demonstrated his skill as a songwriter.
harikumar hareram movie mallurelease

Nikhil Madhav is the director of the movie Swaram, which was written by AP Nalinan. In this film, which has two music directors, Harikumar composed the music for three songs that were penned by AP Nalinan and Pramod Vellachal. Twelve different films, including Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu, have had music directed by Harikumar. With Sakhavinte Priyasakhi, Harikumar Hareram made his cinematic debut in 2017.

harikumar hareram movie mallurelease
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