Perumani | പെരുമാനി (2024)

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Maju's Perumani following 'Appan'

"They are the ones that matter" Expectations are high as 'Perumani', which comes in several disguises, released on May 10

perumani, perumani movie, perumani malayalam movie, sunny wayne perumani, mallurelease

10 May 2024
Perumani Malayalam fantasy drama movie is written and directed by Maju after the critically acclaimed film Appan. The film Perumani features Sunny Wayne, Lukman Avaran, and Vinay Forrt as the main characters along with Deepa Thomas, Navas Vallikkunnu, Vijilesh Karayad VT, Radhika Radhakrishnan, Franco Francis, and Amal Rajdev. The movie Perumani is produced by Firoz Thairinil under the banner of UNE VIE Movies Pvt Ltd in association with Maju Movies. Director Maju himself wrote the screenplay of the fantasy drama film, which is set in the background of a village called Perumani and the events faced by its people.

Maju is the co-producer of the movie and the executive producers are Sanjiv Menon and Syam Dhar. The chief associate director of the film is Aneesh George and the associate directors are Shinto Vadakkekkara and Abhilash Illikkulam. The project designer of the film Perumani is Shamsudheen Mankaranthodi.

This much-awaited movie, according to the cast, directors, and actors, will provide viewers with a cinematic experience that blends fresh casts and new vistas. At the time of filming, the characters' appearances garnered attention. Expectations have also increased due to the film's distinct promotion. Sunny Wayne will play "Muji" in the movie Perumani, while Vinay Forrt will play "Nasar" a freshman from Perumani. Following the trailer's release, the appearances of Deepa Thomas, Navas Vallikkunnu, and Lukman Avaran—three actors with significant roles—were also well-received. Other actors include Vigilesh, Franco, and Radhika Radhakrishnan.

The 1-minute, 38-second exciting trailer for Maju's film Perumani, which has Sunny Wayne, Vinay Fort, and Lukman Avaran in the key role, was made public on 28 April 2024 by Tovino Thomas. The trailer has been made in a way that makes the general plot of the movie apparent. Perumani is shown in the teaser standing in front of people who are prepared to burn and wreak havoc. The first look poster of 'Perumani' was unveiled on 6 March 2024, which tells the story of a very different village and its people. Dulquer Salmaan released the eye-catching first teaser for the movie. The audience responded well to the teaser, which suggested that Perumani is a community full of problems. Following the teaser, The team members showed the audience the movie posters of the featured properties as well as the Perumani tea shop video, which features a picture of the "Perumani Motors" bus—the public transportation vehicle that links the Perumani people with the outside world. According to the video, which was made public, this chayaka should start and end disputes in Perumani. On social media, the first glimpses of the movie's principal actors were also released.

The other day, the audience was also shown footage of the Perumani tea shop. According to the video, which was made public, this tea stall should start and end disputes in Perumani. The crowd was also drawn in by the first-look poster that starred the movie's principal actors. This film is set in a completely different setting.

The film fantasy drama is the second film directed by Maju after 'Appan', which is based on the village Perumani and the events faced by its people.

The music and background score for the film was composed by Gopi Sundar from the lyrics by Mu.Ri and Suhail Koya. The movie has five songs. The first single, "Pennaayi Petta Pulle" sung by Jishnu Vijay, music by Gopi Sundar based on Mu.Ri lyrics were released on 5 May 2024.

Perumani movie hit the theaters by Century Films on May 10, 2024. This film Perumani is distributed in Kerala by Century Films and the overseas rights are bagged by Truth Global Films.


Lyric Video

Porakal Orungunnunde
Gopi Sundar .. Music
Suhail Koya .. Lyricist
Jasir Muhammad .. Singer

Pennaayi Petta
Gopi Sundar .. Music
Mu.Ri .. Lyricist
Jishnu Vijay .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Ya Wali Allah
Gopi Sundar .. Music
Mu.Ri .. Lyricist
Mohammed Maqbool Mansoor .. Singer


As previously said, the film takes place in the made-up village of Perumani, which has its own narrative. The community was thought to have been spared from the curse of a thief who exacted revenge on the inhabitants for catching him ages ago by a holy priest by the name of Perumani Thangal. In the present, a poster in Perumani declares that Fathima, Mujeeb's sister, and Nassar will not get married. This sets off Nassar, who begins his own independent inquiry. The film 'Perumani' shows how that probe progresses and what transpires along the way.

perumani, perumani movie, perumani malayalam movie, sunny wayne perumani, mallurelease

perumani, perumani movie, perumani malayalam movie, sunny wayne perumani, mallurelease


SunnyWayn_imageSunny Wayne
lukman.lukku.94_imageLukman Avaran
vinayfort_imageVinay Forrt
Deepa Thomas
navas.vallikkunnu.3_imageNavas Vallikkunnu
Radhika Radhakrishnan
Franco Francis
Amal Rajdev


Une Vie Movies .. Banner
Maju KB .. Director, Writer
Firoz Thairinil .. Producer
Manesh Madhavan .. Cinematography
Joel Kavi .. Editor
Viswanath Aravind .. Art Director
Lalu Koottalida .. Makeup
Irshad Cherukunnu .. Costumes
Official.GopiSundar_imageGopi Sundar .. Background Score
Gireesh Atholi .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
Vaisakh C Vadakkeveedu, Jinu Anilkumar .. Pro
Serene Babu .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs

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