Valatty to the Russian Silver Screen

"Valatty": A Heartwarming Malayalam Film Finds Russian Audiences Through Indywood Distribution Network

Anil Hai Cinema - PRO
Kochi: "Valatty", a touching tale of canine companionship, is set to captivate Russian audiences as it makes its debut in theaters under the title "Sabbash Ki Pubyak", Directed by Devan Jayakumar and produced by Vijay Babu and Friday Film House, the film narrates the endearing journey of two pet dogs in love. Scheduled for a theatrical release on April 25, this initiative marks a significant milestone in the collaboration between Indian and Russian film industries.

This strategic partnership was orchestrated and signed between Shyam Kurup of Indywood Distribution Network and Maria Grost of Capella Films in Los Angeles.

Commenting on this landmark achievement, Shyam Kurup, Director of Indywood Distribution Network, remarked, "The dubbing and distribution of 'Valatty" into Russian represent a pivotal moment for both Indian and Russian cinema. This collaboration signifies the evolving landscape of global film distribution and the boundless potential for cultural exchange".

As "Valatty" prepares to captivate Russian audiences, it symbolizes the indomitable spirit of cinematic storytelling and the enduring bond shared between cultures.

Indywood distribution network is the cinema arm of Dubai-based shipping conglomerate Aries Group.

Indywood Distribution Network aims to bridge the gap between local language films and international audiences, positioning Indian cinema as a formidable force in the global arena. Through strategic collaborations and innovative distribution strategies, Indywood Distribution Network endeavors to unlock the untapped potential of Indian cinema on the global stage.

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