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24 liv ott, interval movie mallurelease

Movies in 24Liv OTT from May 1

AS Dinesh - PRO
On April 9, well-known actor Sri Madhu launched 24 Liv OTT, which will begin airing movies, short films, and web series on May 1. "Interval" which was produced and directed by Mr. Ansil Babu and Mr. P. Mustafa, is the first film to air on the 24 Live OTT, which has already become well-known. The film "Interval," directed by Dudu Bharat and starring Shaneed Bhagwatika, has garnered significant attention for its anti-drug message. Mohandas Vengeri wrote the story for Interval, while Unni Nilgiri handled the camera. Abdul Nasser wrote the music and lyrics, while Rasheed Nas handled the sound design.
24 liv ott, interval movie mallurelease

The 24 Liv OTT app must be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store in order to view the movie, according to the administration of 24 Liv OTT.

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