Maad Dad

Genre : Drama
Copyright Owned & Marketed : Movie Channel

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Lal, Nazria, Meghna Raj, Lalu Alex, Padmapriya, Srijith K Vijay, Janardanan, Vijayaraghavan, Aiswarya


Banner-P N V Associates
Director-Revathy S Varmha
Producer-P N Venugopal
Written-Revathy S Varmha
Cinematography-Pradeep Nair
Art Director-Rajeev Nair
Makeup-Pattanam Rasheed
Lyrics-Santhosh Varma, Revathy S Varmha
Music & Background Score-Alex Paul
Production Controller-Anil Mathew
Stunts-Mafia Sasi
PRO-A S Dinesh, Vazhoor Jose
Stills-Shibu P Chandran
Designs-Ramesh M Channel
Distribution-Aan Mega Media


Palachottil Geevargees Kuriyakose Easo (lal) is a proud father of a beautiful daughter Mariya Mariyamma Palachottil Nazriya). Being a father he is always protective of Mariya but he knows exactly where to draw the line. He knows what’s best for her and never let his protective nature becomes the obstacle in Mariya’s growth be it personal or professional. Mariya, who loves her Father to death, always works towards making him proud. She cares for him, respects him, commands him and sometimes scares him. They share their lives, love and secrets. Their life is simple and adorable till the time Mariya discovers the much hidden secret of her father’s life. She couldn’t believe she never got to know about that secret though she knows her Father too well. The secret that not only shatters her but her love life too. She discovers that her father whom she loves and shares happiness with, with which she has been spending all her life… is MAD. She gets to know the truth of her father, who always seems to be perfectly normal to her, was under the shocked mental state since Mariya was born. She is shocked to find that her father’s mental state is not normal and is caused by the shock he faced when her mother died in an accident immediate after the birth to Mariya. For the first time in her life Mariya feels helpless when doctor tells her that her father is suffering from Psycho Psychosis and went into depression when her mother died but being strong hearted he fought with the loss by creating his imaginary world with his wife.

Then starts the journey of a strong willed daughter who fights to get her father back in a normal state of mind. How she gets over with the trauma she suffered to see her father suffering, follows the story. She snatches her father from the heartaches and the pains of his haunting pasts. And finally she triumphs the battle. But things are changed now….A strong unexpected twist happening in the story that will create Goosebumps in Odeon … changed forever as her Father who was completely against of Mariya getting married with Bony Her boy friend , is now dying to see them happy together. Whereas Mariya now is not game for it. He succeeds to get them back for marriage and give away his life (daughter) happily to someone else.

Verdict : AVERAGE


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