Aadhivaasi | ആദിവാസി: The Black Death

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Aadhivaasi Malayalam movie release

"Adivasi" won two awards at the Mumbai Entertainment International Film Festival

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Adhivasi: The Black Death movie is in the tribal language "Mutuka" of the Adivasi youth 'Madhu', directed by Vijeesh Mani. Features Appani Sarath with tribal artists and the leading Malayalam actors. Produced by poet and Hollywood director Dr. Sohan Roy under the banner of the Aries Group. The screenplay is written by the director with the dialogues by M Thankaraj. Along with Appani Sarath, Mari Chandran, Viaan, Murukesh Bhoothuvazhi, Muthumani, Rajesh B, Prakash Vadikkal, Roji P Kurian, Vadikiyamma, Sreekutty, Amrita, Master Manikandan and Baby Devika are also in the cast.

Based on the life story of Madhu, a tribal youth who died in Attapadi, Aadhivaasi won the awards for Best Tribal Language Film and Best Negative Role (Villain). The Adivasi film starring Appani Sarath in the lead role, produced by Sohan Roy, written and directed by Vijeesh Manik, and Viaan, who played the villain in the film, received the award at the Mumbai Entertainment Film Festival. The audience is wondering how much cruelty the villain character in the film will be after receiving the award for the villain role while the accused are carrying out coups in Madhu's case. The film received two awards before its release at a time when allegations and news related to Madhu's murder are abounding in social media. Appani Sarath, who played Madhu's character in Parakaya Pravesham, did not get the best actor award at the last minute. The villain, who played a negative role in the film, has received the award at a time when there are many controversies, including allegations by the relatives that an attempt is being made to sabotage Madhu's murder case. With this, people are curious about what happened in Attapadi. The film also won the Best Tribes Language Award.

Sohan Roy and Vijeesh Mani reunite after 'Mmm (Sound of Pain)', which was shortlisted for the Oscars and won several international awards, including Best Film at the Paris Film Festival.

On 23 February 2018 Madhu's death, caused great pain to the human conscience. The Keralite community had taken up the poem 'Yathramozhi' written by Sohan Roy based on this tragedy caused by hunger, this is why he was inspired to make this film and come to the silver screen for the first time through the movie 'Adivasi'. The film deals with hunger, racism, environmental issues, and climate change.

The movie’s shooting starts in October 2021 and pack-up on 31st October 2021 at Attapdi. The official teaser of the movie has been released on 29th January 2022. The new poster was released on 14th February 2022 and in the poster, you can see the character Madhu, played by Appani Sarath in the background of an Adivasi colony. Other posters and teasers of the recently released film have been widely discussed on social media.

The second poster of the movie "Adivasi" with the most hated selfie in the world has been released on 20th February 2022. The selfie taken during the mob violence was much discussed. The poster was released amid allegations by relatives that there was an attempt to sabotage Madhu's murder case. The first poster was released by an Indian wildlife conservationist and snake expert Vava Suresh. All three posters that have been released have been well-received by the public, including on social media. As it is a movie about hunger, the audience's acceptance has doubled. The second poster was based on the most talked-about selfie of Madhu's murder. It was a poster that led to much discussion. The poster, which was released with the caption "Sambhavikkathirikkatte Oru Manushyaneum", has already gone viral.

After the notable singer Nanjiyamma in Ayyappanum Koshiyum, another playback singer from the tribe, Vadikiyamma is in the movie. Vadikiyamma sang in the presence of famous music director Ratheesh Vega, Malayalam cinema has got a new tribal singer. The first song of 'Adivasi' movie 'Chinna Raja' with sad grief was released on the fourth death anniversary of Attappadi Madhu, 22nd February 2022. The Tharatu sung by the tribal singer Vadikiamma from Attappadi had attracted a lot of attention. The second song of Madhu's movie 'Adivasi': The Black Death has been released on 26th June 2022 amid allegations by relatives that there is an attempt to sabotage Madhu's murder case. The song starts with "Vishappu Nin ..." and ends with the line "Karuppu Ennume Karuppu Thaa".

Aadhivaasi movie based on Adivasi Madhu's hunger will be released soon.


Lyric Video

Vishappu Nin
Ratheesh Vega .. Music
Sohan Roy .. Lyricist
Sreelakshmi Vishnu .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Chinna Raja
Ratheesh Vega .. Music
Chinna Raja .. Lyricist
Vadikiyamma .. Singer

adivasi movie video song, adivasi song full movie, adivasi video song full movie, mallurelease

adivasi movie video song, adivasi song full movie, adivasi video song full movie, mallurelease adivasi movie video song, adivasi song full movie, adivasi video song full movie, mallurelease

aadivasi movie 2021, adivasi song movie, adivasi movie song video, mallurelease


SarathkumarLive_imageSarath Appani
Mari Chandran
Murukesh Bhoothuvazhi
muthumani_imageMuthumani Somasundaran
Rajesh B
Prakash Vadikkal
Roji P Kurian
Master Manikandan
Baby Devika


Aries Group .. Banner
Vijeesh Mani .. Director, Writer
Sohan Roy .. Producer
P Murugeshwaran .. Cinematography
B Lenin .. Editor
Kailash .. Art Director
sreejith.guruvayur.5_imageSreejith Guruvayur .. Makeup
bucy.baby.john_imageBucy B John .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
badushanm.nm_imageBadusha NM .. Project Designer
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
* .. Stills
Antony KG, Abhilash Sukumaran .. Designs
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