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yellow malayalam short film, mallurelease

Yellow release by Joy Movie Productions

yellow malayalam short film, mallurelease

Short Film
Yellow is a Malayalam short film directed by Samuel Henry has been released on YouTube under the banner of Joy Movie Productions. The film Yellow features stars Abilash Nandakumar and Nazlin Jameela Saleem as the lead characters.

The film is set in the backdrop of Kochi and Yellow film tells the story of a young man who meets a photographer and a young woman who is an architect. The story revolves around two people who are separated in the past in a completely unexpected situation and then have a conversation between them.

Most of the filming takes place in one place but with a beautiful location and creative camera work it offers a great experience. The two central characters in the film have very strong acting. Nazlin and Abhilash deserve applause for acting in such a way as to convince the audience not to miss a single moment.

Samuel Henry, who the director, handles and script the camera for the film, which focuses on humor and romance.


Abilash Nandakumar
Nazlin Jameela Saleem


* .. Banner
Samuel Henry .. Director, Writer, Cinematography
Dr. Ajith Joy, Achu Vijayan .. Producers
Karthik Sajeev .. Editor
Aadhil .. Art Director
Grace Zachariah .. Makeup
Razeen .. Costumes
Aromal Chekaver .. Background Score
Yaseen Nisad .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
Dia John .. Stills
Ajippaan .. Designs


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