Ninnukori Mic Stand | നിന്നുക്കോരി മൈക്ക്‌ സ്റ്റാൻഡ്‌

ninnukori mic stand, mallurelease

'Ninnukori' mic stand has been released, giving a new experience to the Malayalees!

ninnukori mic stand, mallurelease

Musical Series
Mike Stand is a brand new music series in a variety of genres. The series is dedicated to bringing the works of the best independent artists from all over India to the mainstream and to creating great opportunities for such great artists globally. The first season of Mike Stand has started in Kerala, God's own country.

Vyshakh Sudhakaran is the creator of the 'Mike Stand' series. The Mike Stand team aims to release the works of over a hundred artists in the coming years as part of the series. The project is being produced by Dr. Ajith Joy and Achu Vijayan under the banner of Joy Music.

ninnukori mic stand, mallurelease

The first song in the series, 'Ninnukori', was released online on March 10th of 2022, including on YouTube. Praveen Prabharam, who is also the director of the Tovino movie 'Kalki', the music video is composed by the V3K and sung by Moeha. Akhil Chandran is the executive producer. Combined with Carnatic and hip hop, this fusion song is the first step in a global project called 'Mike Stand'.

ninnukori mic stand, moeha, mallurelease

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