Pappa | പപ്പ (2023)

pappa indo-new zealand malayalam movie mallurelease

The Malayalam movie shot in New Zealand 'Pappa' has been released

pappa indo-new zealand malayalam movie mallurelease

UA | 2 April 2023 | 1h:32m:02s
Pappa is an Indo-New Zealand Malayalam movie directed by Shibu Andrews, a New Zealand Malayalee. Features Anil Anto, who has played notable roles in Dulquar's Second Show, Mammootty's Emmanuel, and RJ Madonna, playing the lead role in Pappa, with Sharol Sunny and Nyga Sanu as the lead characters. The movie Pappa is produced by Vinosh Kumar Maheswaran under the banner of Vin Win Entertainment and Golden Age Films. The screenplay and dialogues for the film Pappa are written by Arundhadi Nair from the story of the director Shibu. The cinematographer and editor of the movie is the director Shibu Andrews himself. The associate director of the film Pappa is Jeevan Mathews.

The movie 'Pappa' tells the story of a Malayalee family in New Zealand with a dad, a mom, and a daughter. They had a very happy family life. One day, their daughter left her father and mother alone and hid somewhere. With that, the life of the young couple was filled with darkness. Where did their baby go and hide? Finally, the story unfolds. They are immersed in a vortex of intense pain and guilt. Can they get rid of this?. The main parts of this movie, which tell the life story of New Zealand Malayalees, were shot in Hamilton, New Zealand.

Shibu Andrews, who previously directed and shot the film Hundred, which was shot in New Zealand, has also worked as the cameraman for Rajiv Anchal's documentary on Jatayu Para.

The music for the film Pappa is composed by Jayesh Mathews from the lyrics by Engandiyur Chandrasekharan and Divya Nair, the songs are sung by Sithara, Naresh Iyyer, and Nyga Sanu.

Pappa movie is previewd in Sree Theater, Trivandrum on 8th May 2022. The screening of the film Pappa started on June 2nd of 2023.


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Jayesh Stephen .. Music
Engandiyoor Chandrasekharan .. Lyricist
Naresh Iyer .. Singer

pappa indo-new zealand malayalam movie mallurelease pappa indo-new zealand malayalam movie mallurelease

pappa indo-new zealand malayalam movie mallurelease


Anil Anto
Sharol Sunny
Nyga Sanu
Vinosh Kumar Maheswaran
Sharon Saneesh
Jeevan Mathews
Mike Kerston
Ganpat Pateel
Saritha Rajeev
Alappuzha Ponnappan
Murali Mattummal
Yvonne Dunstone


Vin Win Entertainment, Golden Age Films .. Banner
Shibu Andrews .. Director, Cinematography
Vinosh Kumar Maheswaran .. Producer
Arundhadi Nair .. Writer
Nobin Thomas .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Aneeja George .. Production Controller
* .. Action
aymanam_sajan_imageAymanam Sajan .. Pro
Saneesh Thomas, Ravishankar Venugopal, Mithun K Sadan, Sukesh, Bhadran .. Stills
OC Raju .. Designs
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