Flush | ഫ്ലഷ് (2023)

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A new star for Mollywood

Young actor 'Pranav Prasanth' to play the lead role

flush malayalam movie poster, flush malayalam movie download, mallurelease

16 June 2023
Flush Malayalam movie is written and directed by Aisha Sulthana. The film revolves around three female characters, who travel on three levels. Dimple Paul, a based Mumbai model, Ira Noor, who is also the make-up woman, and Arundhati, are playing the lead roles in Flush and all are newbies. The movie FLUSH is produced by Beena Kasim under the banner of Beena Kasim Productions. The chief associate directors of the movie Flush are Nithin CC and Unais S. Flush is shot with newcomers and islanders.

Flush, directed by Aisha Sulthana, received three film awards organized by the New Karnataka Film Academy on the occasion of the 72nd birthday of South Indian actor Dr. Vishnuvardhan. Director Aisha Sulthana is the first female director from Lakshadweep. The film Flush was screened to a packed audience at the International Women's Film Festival. The Flush movie is made with newcomers, getting the audience's attention that big-budget films with superstars get. Set against the landscape of Lakshadweep, Flush is a film that tells the story of Lakshadweep. It is an artistic and popular film. The film captures the enchanting beauty of Lakshadweep, no film has ever been shot in Lakshadweep with such visual beauty.

The movie Flush tells the story of two human beings in Lakshadweep. It is a movie that openly tells what they need. It is a movie that says that sea and land are one. It is a story that explains what a person who comes to Lakshadweep feels there. It is a film that tells girls not to commit suicide. The film has both negative and positive aspects of Lakshadweep. No character had to be imagined. Every islander who sees the movie will think that this is me, and every Malayali who sees this will think that this is what he will be like if he goes there - said the director. This film has saying connection between Kerala and Lakshadweep.

Director Aisha Sulthana made history as the first resident of Lakshadweep to make a movie.

flush malayalam movie poster, flush malayalam movie download, mallurelease

The filming of the movie wrapped on 4th March 2021. Director Aisha said that after the announcement of 144, the filming was completed after overcoming many difficulties. The movie Flush was shot entirely in Lakshadweep. She also says that her film has the exact answers to the questions that are being raised by many people and the solution to some of the problems. The first look poster of the movie 'Flush' directed by Aisha Sulthana is unveiled on 8th July 2022. The official theatrical trailer for the film was released on 14th July 2022.

The music for the film 'Flush ' is composed by William Francis and Kailash Menon. The first song prepared in 'Jeseri', an oral language of Lakshadweep, has been released on 12th November 2022. This is the first time that a song in the Jeseri language is available in Malayalam cinema. The song was released through Aisha Sultana's film Flush. Lakshadweep resident Shafeeq Kiltan has sung the song, which is composed of unique Lakshadweep music by Kailash Menon and traditional lyrics. Within hours of its release, the song has become a trend on social media. Flowing in traditional folk tunes, this song has become a hit among music lovers.

In the Malayalam film industry, a young actor named Pranav Prasanth was raised to hero. Pranav Prasanth, who transitioned from the world of modeling to the world of movies, has excelled as the protagonist in the recent movie "Flush" which has garnered notice on a global scale. Flush is also the first movie to feature Pranav Prasanth, who is well-known in the advertising industry.

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Pranav Prasanth will always be remembered by those who watch the Lakshadweep movie, Flush. The audience's perception of Pranav's persona also makes him iconic. The recollections of Pranav traveling to that nation are intertwined with the memory of his sister being slain there. In actuality, Pranav is not the depressed young man in Flush; instead, he is a capable performer who gains knowledge of all facets of film and contributes original thoughts. Pranav claims that even though acting is his true love, he has a strong ambition to succeed in all aspects of the film industry.

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Pranav Prasanth is getting opportunities in languages other than Malayalam as well. Pranav is another artist who adapts to the latest developments in cinema. The famous music composer AR Rahman's helper is Pranav's brother Kamal Prasanth. Kamal has composed the music for numerous Tamil films. Pranav claims that brother's guidance and concern have made a significant difference in his artistic career. The Malayalam movie "Athiru" which is currently under production, is Pranav's newest movie.

With the release of the new Lakshadweep-centred movie Flush, a new star has emerged in Malayalam. With his outstanding work as a co-star in the movie, the young actor Nadi Baker is capturing the hearts of the viewers. In this movie, Nadi portrayed a typical young man from Lakshadweep. a young man who is altruistic and socially conscious. The audience will have a very positive memory of Nadi's character.

The audience cheered Nadi Baker's performance when "Flush" was screened at the Women's Film Festival run by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. Nadi stood out thanks to her effortless acting technique. Nadi was able to appear in a lot of films after that. While Flush continues to perform well at Theatres, Nadi continues to perform effectively appearing in a number of films as an actor. Nadi has already acted in 'Mahal' opposite young actor Shaheen Siddique and director Anuram's upcoming untitled film. In the Prashant Alexander-starring film Anuram, Nadi portrayed the IPS character "Imran". After acquiring acting instruction from the UK and the Act Lab, Nadi eventually started appearing in films. Nadi also appeared in a Tamil movie in the interim.

Nadi Baker expressed her happiness at getting good roles in quality films. "Flush" is a movie that explores a country's suffering. Nadi expressed her pride and happiness at being a part of the social-politics-focused movie.

Flush movie which is being produced by Beena Kasim and directed by Aisha Sulthana was released in theatres on June 16th of 2023. According to the producer Beena Kasim who made the announcement at a press conference in Kochi. There has been a lot of debate surrounding the movie lately. Aisha Sultana, the film's director, claimed that the producer, who also happens to be the spouse of the general secretary of the BJP Lakshadweep unit, is preventing the release of her movie because of its criticism of the federal government and the BJP.

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Beena Kasim Says

"I decided to pay for the story brought by Aisha Sultana because I am the wife of the general secretary of the BJP Lakshadweep unit." This is being done in order to support a girl from Lakshadweep who is considering her first foray into directing and to introduce society to a movie on women as individuals and the issues they face.

I later saw a short portion of the movie in Kochi during the editing stage after it had finished filming. After that, I watched my entire movie "Flush" at the Kozhikode Women's Film Festival. I realized at that point that Aisha had incorporated numerous elements into the movie that were significantly at odds with the tale I had been told. I recognize that Aisha intentionally sought to injure me by fostering unwarranted political animosity in my film with money that I spent with good intentions. This incident caused a rift to develop between me and the director, and afterward, Aisha Sultana continued to disparage me and my husband on social media and in the media. Then we didn't respond.

Aisha is saying Beena refuses to release this movie, "Flush," because my husband is the general secretary of the BJP. This disrespects my suffering and speaks out against the BJP, and I can't stand to see Aisha, who has spent a lot of money on us, depict us negatively to the public. opted to address the media. In reality, we had already scheduled the film's release. Despite the fact that Aisha Suthanak is fully aware of this issue, I do not understand why she keeps involving us in disputes. Regardless, it has been decided to release the film on the 16th of this month. It's not a bummer to think that Aisha Sultana generated such a stir; let folks watch the film and make that judgment for themselves. The movie is shown to the public. Adv. TK Attabi also attended the press conference.

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The movie Flush has got official selection for the "3rd Women's International Film Festival 2022" and will be screened at Kairali Sree Theater in Kozhikode on July 17th of 2022 at 12.00 noon. The "FLUSH" movie has got censored with a 'U' certificate from CBFC.

Director Aisha Sulthana explained the experience

"No adversary is too strong to defeat, no problem too difficult to overcome, no goal too distant to reach, the difference lies in the approach. Knowing how to approach each and applying diplomacy accordingly is the chemistry of success."

It's a lesson because only I and anyone else on the island know what I went through to shoot Flush on the island, it's easy to make a film but for me, this film was a big battle. There are two sides to a coin, one side is those who said "we are here for our Moothol" and the other side is those who said, "Aisha Sultana is arrogant, we will not let her go".

Many who have tried to destroy me have cowered before my voice because it seemed arrogant to them, but I felt necessary because it was your story that was being told by that voice.

For the first time, a producer takes up the script of a movie without even knowing what they are going to do, because a great man named Kasim, whom I call Kachi, took upon himself the responsibility of keeping his sister in check without watering his eyes. When asked about her faith in her to make this film, he replied, "My faith in my sister Aisha". This is my Beena who came forward with the same faith in her husband and me: "Aisha cash will come and go but you are always my sister-in-law". This is what she said to me, the most powerful lady producer Beena Kasim I have ever seen.

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KG stood by me when I faced so many problems in the country. "Aliya I know why you are doing this film and I will not go back leaving you alone" This is what KG told me, the only warrior who stood by me in this battle.

"Yasser" I can say about him in one word, he is my blood, he who stood with me for me without paying a single rupee is the son of one mother.

And others are my chunk brothers who stood by me day and night saying that we are in front of our Moothol, 41 crew members who came with me for the shoot, this film was a completely different experience for all of them, even though they had to work without even getting water to drink, they forgave everything, endured and did not complain about anything. Those who worked for me with me, they are the real people of love and sincerity that I saw, the moment I felt proud of people. Also, even when I passed 144 in the country, I saw the mind of a soldier in the locals who rushed to my shoot.

Now let's come to the topic, what the people on the other side of that coin said, the arrogant Aisha Sultana has to say: When these people are standing with me for so many years, how can that voice end in me? That voice will be raised. to whom? What was this movie made for? do you know Anyone? All of the above have taken so many pains to do this film with me only for the sake of their sister, Muthool, and director Aisha Sultana.

But I made this movie so hard to protect the people who stand on both sides of that coin equally, I don't want any name or fame or money from this movie, you just need to recognize the green people in you. Masha'Allah I will bring it to you as true as the sea.

flush malayalam movie cast, flush malayalam movie 2022, flush malayalam movie release date, flush movie, beena kasim, flush malayalam movie poster, mallurelease

Aisha about the Jesari song

"Language" is part of the culture..., It is our duty to preserve the language. Yes, I did it too. Jesari is the language of my native land.

My father once said: There will be many stones and thorns on the roads you travel and even if you step on them and cut your foot, those who are with you will not see it, because you will not show the pain caused by the wound under your feet on your face. Even if you don't see the wound, you yourself find the medicine to heal the wound, and you protect those who come after you from having it on their feet. Today I bring you a song that my Wappa sang to me in the Jesari language after he told me these things on the seashore of the island.

"Ingeba Thoni Nadigba Thoni Athalatake Uru Meenthayae Thoni" Wappa's eyes filled with tears when Vappa sang this line. Then and now and forever, I have lost everything dear to me, first my uncle, then my father, and finally my brother, when I lost all of them then, all those losses were my big dreams.

Director Aisha Sulthana didn't sleep last night, She was listening to the 'Pakkirichi' song in the room because it had the spirit of her uncle, pappa, and brother in it.

Lyric Video

Kailas .. Music
Traditional .. Lyricist
Shafeeq Kiltan .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Thenni Thenni
William Francis .. Music, Singer
BK Harinarayan .. Lyricist
Najim Arshad .. Singer

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flush malayalam movie cast, flush malayalam movie 2022, flush malayalam movie release date, flush movie, beena kasim, flush malayalam movie poster, mallurelease
flush malayalam movie cast, flush malayalam movie 2022, flush malayalam movie release date, flush movie, beena kasim, flush malayalam movie poster, mallurelease flush malayalam movie cast, flush malayalam movie 2022, flush malayalam movie release date, flush movie, beena kasim, flush malayalam movie poster, mallurelease

flush malayalam movie poster, flush malayalam movie download, mallurelease


Dimple Paul
Ira Noor


Beena Kasim Productions .. Banner
Aisha Sulthana .. Director, Writer
Beena Kasim .. Producer
ratheesh.kg1_imageKG Ratheesh .. Cinematography
noufalhaze_imageNoufal Abdullah .. Editor
Anandhu Sunil .. Art Director
Ira Noor .. Makeup
stephy.xavior_imageStephy Xavior .. Costumes
Kailas Menon .. Background Score
Yasar Arafath Khan .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
rajeshkumarmatrix_imageRajesh Natarajan .. Stills
Roosterchip .. Designs
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flush malayalam movie poster, flush malayalam movie download, mallurelease
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