Mahesh Narayanan about cinema

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No one else in cinema takes as much weight as the writer and director

Mahesh Narayanan, Director cum Editor

P Siva Prasad (PRO)
Director and editor Mahesh Narayanan say that no one else takes as much weight in a film as a director and writer. He was speaking at the three-day camp organized as part of the director's hunt under the leadership of Matinee. New OTT platform Matinee Live is completely different in Malayalam launched by renowned producer and project designer NM Badusha and producer Shinoy Mathew.
matinee live directors hunt, mahesh narayanan, mallurelease
Matinee's director's hunt for talented new directors has garnered much attention. Thirty directors are selected in three stages and the best director is selected from among them.
The best director selected from the above 30 directors gets the rare opportunity to direct a film produced by Matinee. Shinoy Mathew presided over the function and directors Vidhu Vincent gave welcome and Tom Immati gave greetings.
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