HYPE THE BEAST solo exhibition in Kochi | ഹൈപ്പ് ദി ബീസ്റ്റ് സോളോ എക്സിബിഷൻ കൊച്ചിയിൽ ആരഭിക്കുന്നു

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Hype The Beast solo exhibition begins soon in Kochi

P Siva Prasad (PRO)
Kochi: Hype The Beast solo exhibition curated by renowned product designer artist Brijesh Devareddy is in Kochi. The exhibition will last from August 9th to November 30th, 2022. Hype The Beast exhibition is being prepared at Kashi Art Gallery in Fort Kochi and the exhibition will start from August 9 at 5:30 PM.
brijesh devareddy, mallurelease

Brijesh Devareddy is a multi-talented artist, graduate in Product Design, also known as an anthropologist, guest lecturer, and serial entrepreneur.

Hypebeast generally refers to a person who is extremely interested in owning fashionable products, especially clothes and shoes. Snickers clothes with doodle pictures are waiting for the fashion lovers. Brijesh Devareddy's exhibitions included a solo show at Thiruvananthapuram La Gallery 360 in 2013, another solo show at Chennai DakshinaChitra, following year another solo show at the Lalitha Kala Academy.

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HYPE THE SOLO is curated by Latha Kurien Rajeev, an accomplished curator who has proved her worth by organizing many events like the first Kerala Mural Art Group Show, India's first trans artist exhibition, Kalki Subramaniam's Piece by Piece. Latha is also a member of the General Council of Kerala Lalitha Kala Academy.

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