Kakkipada | കാക്കിപ്പട (2022)

kaakipada malayalam movie mallurelease

Khaki Pada Malayalam movie arrives for Christmas to win the minds of the audience

'Kakkipada' release date announced at Qatar World Cup venue

khakipada malayalam movie mallurelease

30 December 2022
Khakipada Malayalam thriller movie is directed by Shebi Chowghat, after Plus Two and Bobby. Features Niranj Maniyanpilla Raju and Appani Sarath in Khakipada movie as the lead characters with Aaradhika, Sujith Shankar, Manikandan R Achari, James Eliya, Sajimon Parayil, Vinod Sak, Surya Anil, Pradeep, Shibu Laban, Maala Parvathi, and many new faces are also in the cast. The movie Kaakipada is produced by Sheji Valiyakath under the banner of SV Productions. The screenplay and dialogues for the film Khakipada are written by Shebi Chowghat and Sheji Valiyakath from the story of the director Shebi. The chief associate director for the film Khakipada is Sankar SK.

The movie Khakipada is presented in a complete thriller mood. The film tells the story of eight armed police officers who have to accompany a suspect who is brought for evidence. This is also my first police role of Sarath Appani in his acting career. "Kakkipada" is a subject that is very relevant to current events.

"Kakkipada" is a movie that tells about the mental condition of the policemen and the accused and their attitude towards the place and the crime that happened in a different way. Unlike the usual stories where the criminal is caught after a police investigation, "Kakipada" tells the story of the movement of the investigation from the criminal to the cops.

The shooting of the Khakipada movie begins on 8th August 2022 in Thiruvananthapuram. The first look of the movie Kaakipada is released on 12th November 2022 by Mega Star Mammootty. Actor Suresh Gopi is delighted to launch the second look poster of Kakkipada on 19th November 2022.

Suresh Gopi's face will be the first to appear in the Malayalam film audience's mind as a police character. Suresh Gopi has created such an emotional connection through police characters. Beloved actor Suresh Gopi has introduced a police line of new generation actors to the Malayalees who have grown fond of those characters, through the second look poster of the film "Kakkipada".

The film Kakkipada with a different release announcement. The filmmakers announced the release of the movie Kakkipada in the presence of an eager audience at the 2022 Qatar World Cup match. Kakkipada is coming in front of the audience as a Christmas release. During the England V/s France quarter-final match held at the Al-Bayt Stadium in Qatar, the crew of the film arrived with banners announcing the release of Kakkipada on Christmas. The movie Kakkipada has already attracted the attention of the audience through various promotional programs.

The music for the film Khakipada is composed by Jassie Gift.

Khaki Pada movie was released on Christmas 30th December 2022.


Lyric Video

Kakkipadaya Keralathin
Ronnie Raphael .. Music
Harinarayanan .. Lyricist
Anvar Sadhath .. Singer

Video Jukebox

Poovai Poovai
Jassie Gift .. Music
Joy Thamalam .. Lyricist
Harib Hussain .. Singer


The security task is given to a squad of policemen from the police camp at a place where a minor's death was witnessed. The situation was quite delicate because the neighborhood was up in arms against the criminal. In Kakkipada, we see how this particular squad of policemen handled the circumstance and made sure that the tiny child received justice.

kakkipada malayalam movie mallurelease

kakkipada malayalam movie mallurelease kaakipada malayalam movie mallurelease


NiranjOfficial_imageNiranj Raju
SarathkumarLive_imageSarath Appani
sujith_shanker_imageSujith Shankar
ManikandanRAchariOfficial_imageManikandan R Achari
Maala Parvathi_imageParvathy T (Maala Parvathi)
eliajame_imageJames Elia
Sajimon Parayil
Vinod Sak
Surya Anil
Shibu Laban


SV Productions .. Banner
Shebi Chowghat .. Director, Writer
Sheji Valiyakath .. Producer, Writer
Prasanth Krishna .. Cinematography
Pradeep Shankar .. Editor
sabu.ram.5_imageSabu Ram .. Art Director
pradeep.rangan.7_imagePradeep Rangan .. Makeup
Shibu Parameswaran .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
smurugan.subramaniyan_imageS Murugan .. Production Controller
run.ravi.1_imageRun Ravi .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
Aji Muscat .. Stills
pramesh.psnair_imagePramesh Prabhakar .. Designs

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