Anuragini Itha En Karalil Virinja Pookkal | അനുരാഗിണി ഇതായെൻ കരളിൽ വിരിഞ്ഞ പൂക്കൾ

sindoora sandhya 2023 mallurelease

The most listened Poovachal Khader song is "Anuragini Itha En Karalil Virinja Pookkal" Minister Dr. R Bindu

Rahim Panavoor - PRO
Thiruvananthapuram: The Poovachal Khader Culture Committee's "Sindoora Sandhya 2023" was launched by Minister Dr. R. Bindu on the second anniversary of the poet and lyricist's passing. According to the Minister, Poovachal Khader's "Anuragini Itha En Karalil Virinja Pookkal..." is the song that is most frequently heard by her. The minister noted that Poovachal Khader wrote songs that had a profound emotional impact on people.
sindoora sandhya 2023 mallurelease
Poovachal Khader Commemoration Ceremony 'Sindoora Sandhya 2023' organized by Poovachal Khader Saamskarika Samithi inaugurated by Minister Dr. R Bindu

The winners of the poetry competition for high school and higher secondary students received prizes from the Minister. Aruvikkara MLA G Stephen presided over the function. The poet and lyricist K Jayakumar gave a memorial speech. Dr. LR Madhujan, a social activist and author, presented Poovachal Khader's poems.

Puthankada Vijayan, TP Sasthamangalam, K Anil Kumar, CS Sankarankutty, Haneefa, Samithi Convener UM Nahas, Rakshadhikari A Shahulhameed, General Convener George Thomas K, Joint Convenor Ahmed Sherin, and others spoke. The Poovachal Khader Culture Committee also arranged 'Gananjali', a rendition of film songs composed by Poovachal Khader.

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