Real Family Reality Show | റിയല്‍ ഫാമിലി റിയാലിറ്റി ഷോ

real family reality show mallurelease

The first family reality show in Malayalam, starting in Australia

Many Australian Malayali families are featured on the reality television programme "Real Family"

real family reality show mallurelease

Brisbane: The family reality show is hosted in Australia by actor, writer, producer and director Joy K Mathew. A reality family show called 'Real Family' is organized by reflecting the unique sense of values and cultural heritage of the Queensland Malayalis in Australia with the collaboration of famous people from the literature, News Papper, visual, law, film, music, drama, and dance field of Kerala and peers in public life.

The subject matter of the family programme is an open discussion of the issues Malayali families face both in Australia and at home, the crucial steps that people from other countries and their home countries should take in order to move to Australia, the ups and downs of life in Australia, careers, kitchen gardens, home cooking abroad, and other topics. There will be frank discussion and criticism of family members' behaviour, personalities, and preferences, in addition to expectations and challenges. There will be many competitions to support the artistic abilities of the family members, and each subject will be presented in a family environment.

Through the reality family show, the Malayalis are compelled to admire the cultures, their motherland, and their motherland in various linguistic communities. This is done to unite Australian Malayalee artists under one roof, to expose their talents, to present multinational cultural programmes, thereby creating a new Malayalam film art culture, and to create many career opportunities in the field of art. Joy K. Mathew aims to open the door for a broader cultural and environmental reassessment of the country.

real family reality show mallurelease

Specifics of the Competition: Each family participating in the competition must perform well. The winners are decided by a judging committee consisting of eminent persons from the fields of Malayalam film, drama, music, education, art, politics, law, and media. The best performers will also be given the opportunity to act in a Malayalam movie called Real Journey, which will be shot in Australia. Winners will be honoured with an attractive prize. Also, the last date to apply for the competition is 20 August 2023, which starts on 23 September 2023. For more information, contact:

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