Samadhanam Sahadevan | സമാധാനം സഹദേവൻ

samadhanam sahadevan film mallurelease

Sudip ES award-winning short film 'Samadhanam Sahadevan'

samadhanam sahadevan film mallurelease

Short Film
Samadhanam Sahadevan is a short film directed by Sudip ES. Features Ratheesh Kakkoth, Shekhar Narayan, Mahadevan, Kallyani, Vyshnavi. The script for "Samadhanam Sahadevan" was written by journalist and poet Ali Kadukassery.

It tells the tale of a regular man with a restless mind who goes in search of tranquility. He may be someone we know. We can be ourselves occasionally. Religion should not be a means of escape from hardships in life. It must be realized that there is a problem with one's faith if it causes issues in that person's life and the lives of others close to him or her. The movie explores the mental issues that an aging man's seclusion in his thoughts and the religious trap he slips into causes. In a time when interpersonal relationships are dwindling and several faith-fraud organizations are attempting to trap people, this movie explores a topic that is highly relevant to society.

Ratheesh Kakkoth plays the lead character Sahadevan in this already popular film. The chief associate director and the editor of the film is Shijith Raman.

The music and BGM for the film 'Samadhanam Sahadevan' is composed by Rijosh Aluva and Ganesh Marar did the sound design.

Samadhanam Sahadevan short film was released through the YouTube channel 'Njaan Talks'.

samadhanam sahadevan film mallurelease


Ratheesh Kakkoth
Shekhar Narayan
Ayyappadas Palakkad
Sreerag Sivan
Vyshnavi Kalyani
Baby Vedika Vinod
Murali Kurup
Rajesh Pattans
Vinod M Ravi
Shibin Sivadas
Sunil Palakkad
Baiju Vasu
Hakkeem Thiruvananthapuram
Jibu Usman
Anoop Rajan


* .. Banner
Sudip ES .. Director, Cinematography
* .. Producer
Ali Kadukassery .. Writer
Shijith Raman .. Editor
Harishankar Muraleedharan .. Art Director
Hakkeem Tvm .. Makeup
Navya .. Costumes
Rijosh Aluva .. Background Score
Tintu Prem .. Production Controller
* .. Action
asdinesh.pro_imageAS Dinesh .. Pro
Studio I Vision .. Stills
Dilraj D4 .. Designs

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