Beautiful 2 | ബ്യൂട്ടിഫുൾ - 2

beautiful 2 malayalam movie mallurelease

Beautiful - 2 is getting ready

beautiful 2 malayalam movie mallurelease

Titled Beautiful 2 is a Malayalam movie directed by VK Prakash himself. The screenplay for the film Beautiful 2 is written by Anoop Menon. The movie Beautiful 2 is produced by NM Badusha, Anandkumar and Riju Rajan are producing this movie under the banners of Badusha Productions and Yes Cinemas Company.

In this movie, the Gorgeous team is also employed. The cinematography and editing are done by Jomon T. John and Mahesh Narayanan, who are now recognized as the top technicians in all of India. Further contributing to the soundtrack of this movie are Ratheesh Vega, Unnimenon, Sajimon, Mridul Nair, Vinay Govind, Ajay Mangat, Hassan Wandoor, Ajith V Sankar, and Jissen Paul.

The second part of Beautiful, an artistic and financial success directed by VK Prakash and starring Jayasurya in the lead script by Anoop Menon, is in the works. In Malayalam cinema, Beautiful was a film that captured the hearts of the audience with its great beauty combined with a different theme, a beautiful presentation, great songs, and great technicians. The second part of Beautiful is being prepared in such a way that the great beauty will not fade at all.

The new movie's director, VK Prakash, made it clear that Jayasurya wouldn't be acting in it. Anoop Menon and I began discussing the second act of this movie right after we finished watching Lovely. The chance materialized. Such a chasm, according to VK Prakash, was essential.

The shooting of the film Beautiful 2 which is currently underway casting will begin soon.




Badusha Productions, Yes Cinemas Company .. Banner
vk.prakash.7_imageVK Prakash .. Director
badushanm.nm_imageBadusha NM, Anandkumar, Riju Rajan .. Producer
AnoopMenonOfficial_imageAnoop Menon .. Writer
jomon_t_john_imageJomon T John .. Cinematography
mahesh_narayan_imageMahesh Narayan .. Editor
aajay.mangad_imageAjay Mangad .. Art Director
hassan.wandoor_imageHassan Wandoor .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose .. Pro
ajith.v.sankar_imageAjith V Sankar .. Stills
jissen.paul_imageJissen Paul .. Designs

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