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selfie club ott platform mallurelease

New OTT Platform "Selfie Club"

AS Dinesh - PRO
A brand-new over-the-top platform is being developed to provide audiences with films and other content through cutting-edge technology in line with the times - Selfie Club
selfie club ott platform mallurelease

Threedots Film Studio in Edapally has hosted the "Selfie Club" OTT platform promotional shoot. The "Selfie Club" OTT platform's brand ambassador is actor Anoop Menon. The director of this promotional photo shoot is Ashok Baba and the producers are Kalpana KP and Laya Dilip KP.

selfie club ott platform mallurelease

Pashanam Shaji (Saju Navodaya), Shaji's wife Rashmi, Vinod Kovoor, Sarita Bhaskar, Aditya Soni, Vipin Benny, Aditi, Anjali, Madhav Shankar, Navami Thomas and others participated in the promo shoot which was shot at Threedots Studio.

selfie club ott platform mallurelease

The chief associate director is Anuram and the associate directors are Poornima and Neha Khayal, and the VFX is done by Sabari Subramanian.


Ashok Baba .. Director
Laya Dilip KP, Kalpana KP .. Producers
Pramod K Pillai .. Cinematography
Akhil Elias .. Editor
rahim.kodungallur.5_imageRahim Kodungallur .. Makeup
nisar.rahmath.9_imageNisar Rahmath .. Costumes
shaji_pattikkara_imageShaji Pattikkara .. Production Controller
anilperambra.parappil_imageAnil Perambra .. Stills

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