Anjali Menon and KRG Studios joining together

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The untitled film is tentatively titled KRG07 and is directed by Anjali Menon. The movie is produced by Karthik Gowda, Yogi G Raj, and Vijay Subramaniam under the banner of KRG Studios.

Anjali Menon is joining hands with KRG Studios, a massive production organization that has left a lasting impression on the Kannada film industry. Tamil audiences will get to see Anjali Menon's debut collaboration with KRG Studios, which follows her work on Manjadikuru, Bangalore Days, Ustad Hotel, Koode, and Wonder Women.

This new film from KRG Studios, starring Anjali Menon, is a significant turning point, as it goes from film distribution to production. Since its inception in 2017, KRG Studios has been involved in the distribution of over 100 Kannada films. In 2020, KRG will transform into a construction company.

KRG Studios has made a good start in the production industry with the film "Rathnan Prapancha" directed by Rohit Padaki starring Dhananjay and Reba. Directly released on Amazon Prime Video, the film received rave reviews. The triumphant journey continued with the film "Gurudev Hoysala".

Regardless of genre, KRG Studios' mission is to provide the greatest material to the public. KRG Studios seeks out the finest collaborations to discover fresh talent and produce movies in South Indian languages.

Director Anjali Menon stated:

"Working with KRG Studios is something I am excited about. Our shared goal of producing amazing movies with top-notch production values unites us. As consumers appreciate films that transcend language barriers, we are prepared to provide films that are incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking."

Producer and co-founder of KRG Studios, Karthik Gowda, stated,

The partnership with Anjali Menon marks the start of a new phase for KRG Studios. We think movies have a magical quality. Audiences can watch movies in any language. Conversations between me and my good buddy Vijay Subramanian, an entertainment executive, mark the start of this adventure. greatly. "We set out on this adventure because we believe stories have a profound ability to unite audiences. We appreciate you seeing our potential and agreeing to collaborate with us as a co-producer on this project."

Given their prominence in South Indian cinema, KRG Studios' decision to collaborate with Anjali Menon on this new film is evidence that they will provide the highest-caliber material to viewers.




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