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helper short film, mallurelease

Helper, a short film by Sridev Kapoor, was made available

The movie was well-received by critics and won numerous accolades

helper short film, mallurelease

22 May 2024
Helper short film directed by Sreedev Kappur. The film Helper features Pattambi Chandran and Ambili Ouseph as the lead characters along with Sasi Kulappulli as the support actor. Sunil Chalisseri, Akshy Rajan, Rajesh Ambadi, Avanthika, and Niharika are the other characters.
helper short film, mallurelease helper short film, mallurelease

Following the critically acclaimed films Jagala and Love FM, the recently released film Helper, directed by the renowned Sreedev Kappur, is notable for its avant-garde content. The film gained prominence due to its incisive social critique. The film Helper, which highlights societal degradation, has received numerous accolades. The public's reaction to the recently released picture has been excellent.

helper short film, mallurelease

This film appears to be trying to convey to viewers the everyday existence of a person who has fallen victim to capitalism. According to director Sreedev Kappur, the story of this film is about a wage worker who is forced to work exclusively as an assistant and battles with himself due to his lack of resources and the local social structure. For her husband and their two daughters to survive, his wife counsels him to become a deity. As the movie Helper comes to a close, it gets us to consider how all deities originate from among us and how spirituality is becoming a lucrative business. The director gave an explanation.

helper short film, mallurelease

Helper film was released on 22 May 2024 which gained many awards.


Satyajit Ray International Documentary & Short Film Award 2023 - Best Supporting Actress (Ambili Ouseph)
ARC Golden Award 2023
International Cine Fair Film Festival 2024 - Best Director Award (Sreedev Kappur)
International Cine Fair Film Festival 2024 - Best Screenplay Award (Sreedev Kappur, Prasanthan Kakkasseri)
International Cine Fair Film Festival 2024 - Best Story Award (Sreedev Kappur, Prasanthan Kakkasseri)
Chitrapati V Shantaram Short Film Festival 2024 (Official Selection)
Rajmudra International Short Film Festival 2024 (Official Selection)
IFHINDIA National Awards 2024 (Official Selection)


The film follows the tale of a laborer who is forced to work only as an assistant throughout his life. Despite his poverty, he battles the local social structure and himself. Thus, his wife asks her husband to become a "human god" to ensure their family's existence. At the end of the movie "Helper," we are left to consider how each of us is the source of all "Human Gods" and how spirituality is becoming a lucrative business.

helper short film, mallurelease


Pattambi Chandran
Ambili Ouseph
Sasi Kulappulli
Sunil Chalisseri
Akshy Rajan
Rajesh Ambadi


Ambadi Creations .. Banner
Sreedev Kappur .. Director, Writer
Soumya Chandran .. Producer
Prasanthan Kakkasseri .. Writer
Aswin Prakash .. Cinematography, Editor
* .. Art Director
Aswathi Prasad .. Makeup, Costumes
Midhun Malayalam .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
sumeranrevindran.pr_imagePR Sumeran .. Pro
* .. Stills
Joyal Sibi .. Designs


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