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Virgin is a Pan-Indian horror movie directed by Praveen Raj Pookkadan after 'Velleppam'. Features a number of newcomers and talented actors who have proven their skills through acting. Produced under the banner of Kittunny Circus International. Mohan Puthussery is the cinematographer.

The film also has the distinction of being the first Indian film to be shot with Black Magic URSA 12K camera and wallpaper LED lighting technology. Blue Fox Designs, a well-known VFX designing company in China, is doing amazing VFX sequences. The film also features the use of ENG - Electronic News Gathering technology throughout filming, which is essential for a horror film. Because of filming most of the shots in hand-held techniques so Jimmy Jib, Gimbal, Steadicam, and Crane are completely eliminated, but use the latest FPV drones for the shots needed. The cinema uses digitally stabilizing cameras to stabilize shots during shooting, as well as warp stabilization techniques during post-production.

Virgin movie will be released in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English, and Chinese languages. Blue Fox Designs will be releasing the film in China.

Virgin Malayalam movie,




Kittunny Circus International .. Banner, Producer
Praveen Raj Pookkadan .. Director
* .. Writer
Mohan Puthussery .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
Manju Gopinath .. Pro
* .. Stills
Ranaprathap .. Designs

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