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Donmax's Techno Thriller 'At' with First Artificial Intelligence Poster in South Indian Cinema

Shaju Sreedhar in a pivotal role

at malayalam movie, mallurelease

Thriller | Hitting Soon
At: Welcome to the Dark Side Malayalam thriller movie written and directed by renowned editor Donmax after 10 Kalpanakal. Features newcomer Akash Sen, son of late screenwriter cum director Sachy, and Shaju Sreedhar as the lead characters with Saranjith, Bibin Perumbally, Rachel David, Nayana Elza, Sanjana Doss, Sujith Raj, and Aradhya Laxman play the lead roles. The movie At is produced by Kochurani Productions. The Chief Associate director is A K Rajilesh and creative director for the film 'At' is Rejis Antony and the associate director is Prakash R Nair.
at malayalam movie, mallurelease

The story is told in the context of the Dark Web on the Internet. The movie @ is the first dark web thriller in Mollywood, a mainstream film discussing dark web-related topics is being released. The filming was on Red Digital Cinema V-RAPTOR™ by the cinematographer Ravi Chandran. The first Indian film to be shot entirely on a Red V-RAPTOR camera in India.

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Red Digital Cinema is a Hollywood-based company located in the United States. The V-RAPTOR™ is an ultra-slow-motion camera. The V Raptor 8K camera comes with a number of cutting-edge features. The Raptor can shoot 600 frames in slow motion R3D RAW format and is known as the fastest scan time film camera. While other slow-motion cameras capture 68.1 billion color shades, the Raptor can capture 281 trillion shades. The camera has a VistaVision sensor with Red V Raptor resolution. It is also larger than the full-frame sensor. The movie 'At' also holds the record for the first movie in India to be shot entirely using Red V Raptor camera. Although some scenes of the movie Beast starring Vijay, directed by Nelson, were shot by Red V Raptor, this is the first time an Indian movie has been shot entirely on this camera. The official confirmation of this was confirmed by Jarred Land, President of the Red Digital Cinema Camera Company, co-owner, and president of Red, who praised the film's line-up for the quality of the teaser. The movie was shot on a 'Red V Raptor' camera donated by Jared Land to Dheeraj Palliyil, owner of Dare Pictures India, a Kochi - based film technology service provider.

at malayalam movie, mallurelease

The official title launch and pooja of the movie '@' were held at the Tirunettur Mahadeva Temple, Maradu on 11th February 2022. The title was launched through Prithviraj Sukumaran's Facebook page and the title was designed by Ma Mi Joy. The title poster of the movie, which is set against the backdrop of the Dark Web, is very striking and mysterious, and the poster hints at a number of mysterious events, including drugs, cryptocurrency, and the remote community. The first look poster of At movie starring newcomer Akash Sen is out on 17th July 2022. The poster of the techno-thriller film was released by Shane Nigam, Aju Varghese, Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Bibin George, Siju Wilson, Hareesh Kanaran, Saiju Kurup, Nikhila Vimal, Dr. Robin, and others. The new poster of At, written and directed by Don Max is out on 26th November 2022. Shaju Sridhar is seen in an important role in the poster of the techno-thriller film.

Don Max, who was the editor of hit films, has released a new character poster of the film "At", which he is directing after a while. The character poster of Rachel David, the heroine of the film, which is being prepared in the techno-thriller genre, which is not very familiar to Malayalam, has been released on 4th January 2023. This is the first time in the history of South Indian cinema that a poster has been launched using artificial intelligence technology. This poster was designed by a young artist named Ananthu S Kumar. Ananthu says that it took months for this AI poster. The poster is made entirely of codes with the help of computer AI technology.

The official teaser of the At movie prepared by Donmax, one of the leading editors in Malayalam cinema, was released on 10th June 2022. The teaser was shared on social media by John Abraham saying "Sachy this is for you. Wishing Akash Sen all the best !!". Currently, John Abraham is producing and starring in the Hindi version of Sachy's last wave of 'Ayyappanum Koshiyum'. Sachi's untimely death came during the victory wave of Ayyappanum Koshiyum. Now, two years after Aakash Sen's entry into the film industry, the beloved Bollywood star is happy to share his respect and love affair with Sachi by sharing his beloved son's movie teaser. Apart from John Abraham, many other stars shared the teaser inside and outside Mollywood. This is the first teaser to be released in HDR format in Mollywood.

at malayalam movie, mallurelease
at malayalam movie, mallurelease

Don Max the editor of the hit movies started shooting the movie 'AT' after a while on the 26th of February 2022. The entire film was shot at Aluva and Chottanikkara in Ernakulam. The shooting of the film 'At' has been completed.

at malayalam movie, mallurelease

The music of the movie At is composed by Humar Ezhilan - Shajahan and 4 Musics.

At movie will be released soon in theaters worldwide, distributed by Pen and Paper Creations in March 2023.


Lyric Video

4 Musics .. Music
Jis Joy .. Lyricist
Deepak JR .. Singer

at malayalam movie, mallurelease at malayalam movie, mallurelease

at malayalam movie, malayalam full movie, upcoming malayalam movies, new malayalam movies, new malayalam movies on ott, mallurelease


shaju.sreedhar.1_imageShaju Sreedhar
Akash Sen
Rachel David
Sanjana Doss
Nayana Elza
Aradhya Laxman
Bibin Perumbilli


Kochurani Productions .. Banner, Producer
don.max.5245_imageDon Max .. Director, Writer
alokravichandra_imageRavi Chandran .. Cinematography
shameer.km2_imageShameer Muhammed .. Editor
Arun Mohanan .. Art Director
ranjith.ambady_imageRanjith Ambadi .. Makeup
Rose Rejis .. Costumes
Humar Ezhilan - Shajahan .. Background Score
Prasanth Narayanan .. Production Controller
kanal_kannan_imageKanal Kannan .. Action
Athira Diljith, siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
Jeffin Bijoy .. Stills
Anathu S Kumar .. Designs
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