Nombarakoodu | നൊമ്പരക്കൂട്: Nest of Sorrows (2023)

nombarakoodu malayalam movie mallurelease

Joshy Mathew's Nombarakoodu Malayalam movie release

Somu Mathew and Harshitha J Pisharody staring as the lead

nombarakoodu malayalam movie mallurelease

2 April 2023
Nombarakoodu Malayalam movie is directed by International, National, and State Award winner Joshi Mathew. Features Somu Mathew, Harshitha J Pisharody, Artist Sujathan, Harilal, Devanandini, and Aneesha Anish in Nombarakoodu as the lead characters. The movie Nombarakoodu is produced by Somu Mathew and Nevin Michael under the banner of Civilian X Productions and Navyug Films. The story, screenplay, and dialogues for the film Nombarakoodu are written by the director Joshi Mathew himself. The chief associate of the film Nombarakoodu is Anil Mathew and the associate director is KS Anoop.

The movie 'Nombarakoodu' tells the story of estranged relationships, isolation, and the subsequent disintegration of family ties. The major locations are Kottayam, Idukki, and Kambam, a town in the Theni district, of Tamil Nadu. The tagline of the film Nombarakoodu is "Nest of Sorrows".

The music for the film 'Nombarakoodu' is composed by Jay and the lyrics are penned by Dr. Smitha Pisharody. The official song 'Kaalangalere' was released on 12th November 2022 through actress Shwetha Menon's official FB page.

Nombarakoodu movie was released in theaters on April 2nd of 2023.

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Jay .. Music
Dr. Smitha Pisharody .. Lyricist
Nikhil Mathew .. Singer

nombarakoodu malayalam movie mallurelease


Somu Mathew
Harshitha J Pisharody
Artist Sujathan
Aneesha Anish


Navyug Films .. Banner
Joshy Mathew .. Director, Writer
K Mathew Joseph .. Producer
Jobin John .. Cinematography
Shaju S Babu .. Editor
Lakshmanan Malam .. Art Director, Production Controller
pattanam.rasheed.5_imagePattanam Rasheed, Suresh Chemmanadu .. Makeup
Raji Ashok .. Costumes
Jay .. Background Score
* .. Action
* .. Pro
Jimmy Kamballur, Govindraj .. Stills
Kudiyil .. Designs

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