Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye | മൃദു ഭാവേ ദൃഢ കൃത്യേ (2024)

mridhu bhave dhrida kruthye malayalam movie mallurelease

Shajoon Kariyal's new movie " Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye ( MBDK ) in Cinemas

mridhu bhave dhrida kruthye malayalam movie mallurelease

2 February 2024
Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye M.B.D.K Malayalam movie is directed by Shajoon Kariyal. Features Sooraj Sun, a young actor and motivational speaker who became a favorite of family audiences through the series 'Paadatha Painkili' which was aired on Asianet, is the hero of the film. Sravana TN, who acted as the heroine in films like Thattumpurath Achuthan and Etham, and Maria Prince, who is active in the film industry with her Dubsmash videos, are playing Sooraj Sun's heroines in the film. The movie Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye is produced by Dr. Vijayshanker Menon under the banner of Hydroair Tectonics (SPD) PVT. LTD. The screenplay for the film Mridhu Bhave Dhrida Kruthye is scripted by Ravi Thottathil from the story of Dr. Vijayshanker Menon and the dialogues are by Rajesh Kurumali. Suresh Krishna, Dinesh Panicker, Seema G Nair, Maya Menon, Jeeja Surendran, Harith, Siddharth Rajan, Junit Alex Jordi, Manoop Janardhanan, Devdas, Anand Bal, Vijay Shetty, Dr. Sunil, Rajesh Kurumali, Deepak Jayaprakash are others also in the cast.

The DOP of the film Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye is Nikhil V Narayanan and Sumesh B’Wt is the editor. The chief associate director of the film MBDK is Pramod Krishnan. Sandeep Menon and Sudeep Menon are the executive producers of the movie.

Films like Rajaputhran, Thachiledathu Chundan, Dreams, Saivar Thirumeni, Vadakkumnadhan, and Sir CP were directed by Shajun Karial. The major filming locations of the movie are Kasargod, Ottapalam, Ernakulam, and Mumbai.

The title poster of the film MBDK was released by Superstar Suresh Gopi through his official Facebook page on 25th January 2023. Sooraj, Sravana, Shivraj, Anil Anto, Ankith Madhav, Amal Uday, and Vimal First Clap, who played the main roles in the movie, performed the naming ceremony of the film differently by combining each letter of the title in a puzzle.

The music and BGM for the film "MBDK" are composed by Saajan Madhav with the lyrics by Raqueeb Alam, Dinanath Puthenchery, Sreejith Rajendran, Dr. Jeteesh Shivadas, Dr. Prajeesh Unnikrishnan. The dance choreographers are Vishnu Deva and Rishdhan Abdul Rasheed.

Mrudhu Bhave Dhruda Kruthye movie was released in cinemas by Goodwill Entertainments on February 2, 2024.



Saajan Madhav .. Music

1. Kanimalar
Hesham Abdul Wahab .. Singer
Dr. Jeteesh Sivadas .. Lyricist
2. Vellaram Kannulla Mane
Naresh Iyer, Mridula Warrier .. Singers
Dinnath Puthenchery .. Lyricist
3. Maamankam Pooram Koodan
Sachin Raj .. Singer
Sreejith Rajendran .. Lyricist
4. Fanaa
Sayanora Philip .. Singer
Raqueeb Alam .. Lyricist
5. Pathiye Pathiye
Binu Mathew .. Singer
Dr. Prajeesh Unnikrishnan .. Lyricist

Audio Jukebox

Video Jukebox

Maamankam Pooram Koodan
Saajan Madhav .. Music
Sreejith Rajendran .. Lyricist
Sachin Raj .. Singer

Pathiye Pathiye
Saajan Madhav .. Music
Dr. Prajeesh Unnikrishnan .. Lyricist
Binu Mathew .. Singer

Saajan Madhav .. Music
Dr. Jeteesh Sivadas .. Lyricist
Hesham Abdul Wahab .. Singer

Vellaram Kannulla Mane
Saajan Madhav .. Music
Dinnath Puthenchery .. Lyricist
Naresh Iyer, Mridula Warrier .. Singers


The main actor of the film alternates between several timelines in this film. The movie begins with a Kabaddi match in the 1980s. After that, we are taken to the present, when our hero Dasan, also known as Shankardas, has returned to his hometown after accepting an invitation from the state government to work on a project that turns saltwater into potable water. However, Dasan has several unresolved matters at this point, and the film uncovers the causes of all those problems.

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Sunny Leone
Sooraj Sun
Sravana TN
Mariya Prince
suresh_krishna_imageSuresh Krishna as SP Chandrabhanu
pdineshpaniker_imageDinesh Paniker as Bhaskaran Menon
Anil Anto as Sunny Chacko
seemagnairactor_imageSeema G Nair as Madhavi
Maya Menon as Bhargavi
jeeja surendran, jeeja surendran movies, jeeja surendran wiki, mallureleaseJeeja Surendran as Lathika
Harith CNV as Nandu
Sidhaart as Shiva
Vishnu Vidyadharan as Deepu
Vijay Shetty as Zakeera Prathap
Amal K Uday as Rafeeq
Vimal First Clap as ADM
Rajesh Kurumali as Prakasan
Junite Alex Geordi as Sudhi
Ankith Madhav as Jayan Nambiar
Devadas as Mukundan
Manoop Janardhanan as Ramesan
Baburaj as Kaasi
Madhu Janardhana as Collector Shahid Anwar
Deepak Jayaprakadan as Vishnu
Anand Bal as Ahammed Khan
Dr. Sunil Kumar as SI Chacko
Pramod Krishnan as Pranav
Ganga Sekhar as Gopi's Mom
Sudha Kavenghat as Sunny Chacko's Wife
Bencylal as SP Hariprasad


Hydroair Tectonics .. Banner
Shajoon Kariyal .. Director
Dr. Vijayshanker Menon .. Producer
Ravi Thottathil .. Writer
Nikhil V Narayanan .. Cinematography
Sumesh B'Wt .. Editor
boban.kishore_imageBoban .. Art Director
PN Mani .. Makeup
Rashmi Shajoon .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Praveen Parappanangadi .. Production Controller
mafiya.sasi_imageMafia Sasi .. Action
Santhakumar, Sujeesh Kunnummakkara .. Pro
Shajil Obscura .. Stills
manu.davinci.7_imageManu Davinci .. Designs
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