Purusha Pretham | പുരുഷ പ്രേതം: The Male Ghost (2023)

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Krishand's Purusha Pretham after Aavasavyuham

purusha pretham movie, purusha pretham, mallurelease

UA | Crime, Comedy | 24 March 2023 | 2h:32m:54s
Purusha Pretham is a Malayalam crime noir movie set in the wetlands of Kochi directed by Krishand RK. Features Prasanth Alexander, Darshana Rajendran, Jagadish, Devaki Rajendran, James Elia, Manoj Kana, Pramod Veliyanad, and Balaji Sharma. The movie Purusha Pretham is produced by Jomon Jacob and Dijo Augustine under the banner of Mankind Cinemas, Einstin Media of Einstin Zac Paul and Symmetry Cinema of Vishnu Rajan and Sajin Raj, and actor Prashanth Alexander. The screenplay for the film Purusha Pretham is written by Ajith Haridas, based on the original story of Manu Thodupuzha.

Krishand RK is the DOP of Purusha Pretham and Suhail Backer is the editor. The Chief Associate Director of Purusha Pretham is Vysakh Reetha and the Associate Directors are Nikhil Prabhakar and Sreenath Babu.

The hereunder is indeed a police procedural story from the creators of Aavasavyuham and The Great Indian Kitchen served on a radically distinct mood and narration palette.

The music for the film "Purusha Pretham" is composed by Ajmal Hasbulla and sung by vocalists Sooraj Santhosh, Fejo, MC Couper, and J'mymah.

Purusha Pretham movie presented by Jeo Baby and was a world digital premiere on Sony LIV on March 24th of 2023.

Video Jukebox

Anjaalum Pathaalum
Ajmal Hasbulla .. Music
MC Couper .. Lyricist, Singer

Super Sebastian
Ajmal Hasbulla .. Music
MC Couper .. Lyricist, Singer

Sugar Lochan
Ajmal Hasbulla .. Music
Nirmal Jovial (NJ) .. Lyricist
Sooraj Santhosh .. Singer


While Inspector Sebastian deals with an unidentified male body and gets caught up in a procedural, personal, and emotional maze, Purusha Pretham focuses on him. In between his personal issues and procedural flaws, all hell breaks loose as he misplaces the corpse. Will Sebastian be able to straighten out the mess before the deceased man's family arrives to identify him?


prasanthpalex_imagePrasanth Alexander as Sebastain
jagadeesh_imageJagadish as Dileep
Devaki Rajendran as Sujatha
Darshana Rajendran as Susanna
Karthik S Kumar as Aby
eliajame_imageJames Elia as Adv. Muraleedharan
Sudha Sumithran as Sebastain's Mother
Pooja Mohanraj as Home Nurse
Sreenath Babu as Subin
Manoj Kana as GD Bahuleyan
Pramod Veliyanad as Picaso
Archana Sureshkumar as Mridula
Sreejith Babu as Mridula's Husband
balajiHsarma_imageBalaji Sarma as Sargen
Amritha Vijay as Asst. Sargen


Mankind Cinemas, Einstin Media, Symmetry Cinemas .. Banner
Krishand RK .. Director, Cinematography
Jomon Jacob, Dijo Augustine, Einstin Zac Paul, Vishnu Rajan, Sajin Raj, prasanthpalex_imagePrasanth Alexander .. Producers
Ajith Haridas .. Writer
Suhail Backer .. Editor
Hamza Vallithode .. Art Director
arshad_varkala_imageArshad Varkala .. Makeup
arun.manohar.583_imageArun Manohar .. Costumes
Ajmal Hasbulla .. Background Score
Jayesh LR .. Production Controller
Rogin K Roy .. Pro
Kiran VS .. Stills
Alok Jith .. Designs
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