Who is Ashokan

who is ashokan chakochan mallurelease

Policinu Aalu Maariyo ?

Poster Kandambarannu Malayalikal; Ashokan Aaraanu?

who is ashokan chakochan mallurelease

Athira Diljith - PRO
Shocking the Malayalees, lookout warnings have been put in numerous locations throughout the city since this morning. A watch notice for Ashokan, a 47-year-old man charged with numerous criminal offenses, was discovered in many places. The warning requests that anyone with knowledge about Ashokan, who is currently evading capture and speaks Malayalam and Tamil, contact the authorities. Yet, upon closer inspection, there is some hesitation: isn't this our Kunchacko Boban? With a variety of characters, from Aniyathipraavu to Anjaam Pathiraa, from Niram to Nna Thaan Case Kodu, our Chakochan has startled the audience.
who is ashokan chakochan mallurelease

Despite the fact that Chackochan is best known for playing the romantic chocolate hero, anytime he has acted in serious parts, audiences have historically appreciated his films. Nna, Thaan Case Kodu, Nayattu, Anjaam Pathiraa, Allu Ramendran, etc. are some of his recent hits. In a similar vein, the audience now believes that this lookout warning is an advertisement for a different movie. The audience is hoping that the cast will reveal the identity of the picture soon, even though it is unclear which one it is.

who is ashokan chakochan mallurelease




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