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radhika ashok singer mallurelease

Hariharan and Chithra bestow their blessings on Radhika Ashok

radhika ashok singer mallurelease

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Sung the opening number in the Dream of Life movie alongside Hariharan. In honour of her birthday, greetings and congratulations to KS Chitra. Radhika Ashok's eyes sparkled with joy and pride as she received these unforgettable blessings. As Radhika Ashok received these priceless blessings, her eyes glistened with pride and excitement. KS Chitra wishes and congratulations to the singer on her birthday.
radhika ashok singer mallurelease

Radhika is active on social media and is from Palakkad, Pattambi. The singing of songs in Smul was the most notable. Lalitha used to win awards at youth festivals when he was younger. In the sixth grade, I participated frequently in a neighbourhood chorus group. He joined the boy singing ensemble of Akashvani's Thrissur station when he was in the seventh grade and participated in several programmes.

Radhika spent 12 years learning the music. Radhika's mother, Jayashree, encouraged her to sing in films due to her ambition and interest in music at the time. Since then, every attempt has been made to do this. With considerable enthusiasm, the mother attended her daughter's every event. For every show he read about in the newspapers, he used to attend the auditions. He achieved the top spot in the Ramayana recital at the Akhila Kerala Ezhutachchan Samaj while he was a seventh-grader. The youngest participant that day was Radhika. He carried both his studies and his interest in music with him. At that time, attending Tripunithura RLV College was the major goal. Her mother passed away unexpectedly. Because her mother was a teacher, Radhika was forced to take on the position. I had to stop my music studies in the middle.

And despite having the ambition to go to music school, he spent 15 years away from the music business. Subsequently, his love of music was sustained by marriage, having children, having a family, and working. Radhika benefited from her husband's support of the arts. Her husband made the choice to resurrect the forgotten music. So I made the decision to get back into music. began sharing music on social media. Initial feedback was favourable. Most of S. Janaki's songs were sung. Those who enjoyed Radhika Ashok's music referred to her as Junior Janaki. B Rajagopal, a music director, was the pioneer in this area. His desire to sing in a studio was realised when he sang on albums like "Raga Yamuna" and "Vipanchika."

On Mohanlal's birthday, a song was shared on Facebook that caused a stir. It posted the song "Manathe Marikurumbe" which Vani Jairam sang in the movie Pulimurugan. The music director, Stilju Arjun, was drawn to the song. He thought Radhika sang well and gave her the chance to perform in the KG Vijayakumar-directed Dayabharati. With the help of Indian music guru Hariharan, Radhika performed her debut song. This song was written by Jayan Thodupuzha, and it begins, with "Irulaattiyoree Malamettil". In Dayabharati, well-known actors like Kailash, Appani Sarath, and Mia George play characters. Radhika made her screen debut in that Malayalam film.

The singer claims that her music career underwent numerous modifications as a result. Seven albums of songs have already been recorded. On social media, there are many live shows. The singer has a large following on Facebook and Instagram. sang songs with Biju Narayanan and Madhu Balakrishnan. The song "Avala" from the album, sung by Biju Narayan, was taken over by the audience. The song's composer, Kalesh Panama, began it with "Malanamai Sandhya Mayangi," and the vocalist is pleased that it has given her good success. After hearing the touching song, music director Jose Kadavil offered him the chance to perform alongside G Venugopal in the song. Moreover, Venugopal returns with a special album song after a lengthy absence. Nizamuddin wrote the lyrics.

radhika ashok singer mallurelease

When Radhika's birthday came, the little performer considered it a great blessing in her life that performer KS Chitra congratulated her via video call. The singer claims that God, her husband, and her parents are responsible for all of her success. Radhika thinks that the encouragement she receives on social media is also a factor in her success. The musician is adamant that anyone who pursues their passion for art will eventually find success.

Currently, Radhika's family resides in the Maldives. Ashok, Radhika's spouse, works as a teacher at the institution. Son Gautam Krishna is in the first grade, and Niranjan Krishna is in the fifth.

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