The rising young actress Amara S Pallavi

amara s pallavi, kurukkan movie, mallurelease

'Kurukkan' spread laughter in the theater

The star said that Sreenivasan's concern cannot be forgotten

amara s pallavi, kurukkan movie, mallurelease

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Kochi: Amara S Pallavi is a rising celebrity in Malayalam thanks to the box office success of her most recent film, Kurukkan. Amara is an actress and model who has performed in a number of films in supporting roles. Kurukkan is also Amara's debut theatrical release. In the movie, Amara portrayed traffic police inspector "Nishana".
amara s pallavi, kurukkan movie, mallurelease

Amara is overjoyed to get the opportunity to perform in Kurukkan. I had the opportunity to interact with Sreenivasan in person. Very few scenes feature me. Yet, those scenes involved Sreenivasan sir. He is both a miracle and a legend. Despite the fact that I was a novice artist, Sreeni sir spoke to me with great consideration. Even the tiny acting errors I made were rectified by him. Even though he was such an experienced artist, he was very kind to newbies like me. The acting scenes with Sreeni sir in the Kurukkan movie were what I enjoyed the most. Amara S Pallavi says, While working as a model and in arty films, I came across Kurukkan quite by chance.

One or two of the films in which I've appeared have finished filming. It will soon reach the audience. My next movie is "Dancing Party" which is helmed by director cum actor Sohan Seenulal.

amara s pallavi, kurukkan movie, mallurelease

Kollam-born Amara S Pallavi presently resides in Kochi. The actor claims that she is interested in playing noteworthy roles in quality films. Amara, a recent graduate, wants to demonstrate her genuine acting abilities.

Vineeth Sreenivasan, Sreenivasan, and Shine Tom Chacko star in Jayalal Divakaran's directorial debut film, Kurukkan. Srinivasan's first movie since taking a pause owing to sickness is Kurukkan. Maha Subair bankrolled the Kurukkan on behalf of Varnachitra.

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