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"Cine Hopes" to create an online cinema-theatre experience

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P Sivaprasad - PRO
cinehopes ott mallurelease
A new OTT platform named Cine Hopes debuts in January 2023 to provide cinema buffs with fresh visual treats. On Navaratri, Kollur Mookambika Temple Thantri Manjunatha Adiga and Temple Chief Archakan Kalidasa Bhatta unveiled the "Cine Hopes" OTT platform's logo. In the initial several months, Cine Hopes will only show Malayalam films; thereafter, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Hindi films will also be shown to the public. With this OTT, viewers may instantly watch blockbuster movies and films of the highest caliber with creative merit. Ott includes short films, CDs, and online series in addition to movie and music rights. High Hopes Film Factory and Beyond Cinema Creatives, both situated in Kochi, are responsible for creating the OTT platform known as Cine Hopes.

At CineHopes, various packages are available. In January, CineHopes will be accessible on iOS and the App Store. Movie lovers will have access to a number of South Indian and Hindi films through CineHopes in the upcoming months. CineHopes gives users the chance to pick and view only the movies they enjoy. In addition, unlike other OTT platforms, the viewer can stream movies on three devices at once, including a smartphone, laptop, and smart TV. Movies may be seen in 2K and 4K quality on this site, while other local platforms only offer HD quality. Visit OTT's website at for further details. Call +918907992255 or send an email to to inquire about screening your movie on Cinehopes OTT.

Enjoy the world of entertainment from 1st January 2024, Cine Hopes streaming worldwide.

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