Kiran Narayanan after Biriyani Kissa

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A children's movie that adores Superman, launched in Kozhikode

The narrative of a group of children who adore Superman movies is told by Kiran Narayanan

The untitled Malayalam movie is directed by Kiran Narayanan, after Oru Visheshapetta Biriyani Kissa. The film features Vishnu Unnikrishnan, Malikappuram fame Sreepath, Dhyan Niranjan, Visad Krishnan, and Arish as the central characters. Lalu Alex, Saju Navodaya, Vijilesh Karayad, Binu Thrikkakara, Aneesh G Menon, Adinath Shashi, Rajesh Azhikodan, Surendran Parappanangadi, Anjali Nair, Shiny Sarah, Arsha, Susan Raj, and KPAC Avani are also the primary stars. The screenplay for the film was written by the director Kiran himself.
kiran narayanan, kiran narayanan movies, mallurelease

The cinematography of the film is handled by Faisal Ali and Ayoob Khan does the editing. The chief associate director of the movie is Shibu Ravindran and the associate director is Sanjay Krishnan. Chandramohan SR is the project coordinator.

On 21 April 2024, the shooting of the new movie by Kiran Narayanan started at Sanketham Junction in the village of Kottayithazham near Kunnamangalam in Kozhikode. The film started with Vishnu Unnikrishnan giving the first clap in a simple ceremony. The first scene starred Vishnu Unnikrishnan and child actors Sreepath of Malikappuram fame Arish, Visad Krishnan and Dhyan Niranjan.

Four kids, Puli, Ian, Harshan, and Mehfil, have a deep-seated affection for magical figures. They want to see a film based on this kind of character. The youngsters are in front of Priyesh, a young guy from the countryside, who has come to accomplish unimaginable feats for them. Kiran Narayanan depicts the events that follow Priyesh's arrival in this movie. The solution to the question of whether children's wishes will be fulfilled can be found in this film. Families and kids will find this movie's presentation very appealing. The actor who plays Priyesh is Vishnu Unnikrishnan.

kiran narayanan, kiran narayanan movies, mallurelease

Kiran Narayanan was the director of the feature-rich movie 'Oru Visheshapetta Biriyani Kissa'. The film narrates the tale of familial bonds centered around local customs. After Biryani Kissa, Kiran Narayanan begins work on his upcoming project. Tharakara Productions is the film's producer. Through the backdrop of Hamlet, the film portrays the narrative of a group of children's aspirations coming true.

This movie primarily focuses on four kids who grew up reading and listening to Superman books. Making a film with Superman as the lead character was their greatest dream. They ask a young man who is in the nation and wants to direct films and create short films, among other things, for assistance with that. This young man has come to grant children's wishes, as he has a strong ambition to make a film. Young people and kids do their hardest to complete this task, and they come across some very funny instances. The director role is performed by Vishnu Unnikrishnan. The stars of Malikappuram Sreepath, Dhyan Niranjan, Visad Krishnan, and Arish are portraying the children.

The music for the film was composed by Ranjin Raj with the lyrics of Kaithapram Damodaran Namboothiri.

The shooting of this film starts on 21 April 2024 at Kozhikode and the filming will be completed in Kunnamangalam and Mukkam.

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Dhyan Niranjan
Visad Krishnan
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Binu Thrikkakara
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Kiran Narayanan .. Director, Writer
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arunkumarpkb_imageArun Venjaramoodu .. Art Director
Baiju Balaramapuram .. Makeup
sujith_mattannur_imageSujith Mattannur .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
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