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karinthala malayalam movie mallurelease

After 'Adivasi' Vijeesh Mani with 'Karinthala'

The shooting of Vijeesh Mani's new film has started

karinthala malayalam movie mallurelease

Karinthala Malayalam movie based on Karingaali Theyyam is written and directed by Vijeesh Mani. Poet and lyricist Rafeeq Ahmed play an important role in the film. Along with singer and Karingaali artist Manikandan Perumpadappu, Madhavan Chattikkal also stars Serbian stars Milica Miskovic and Thea Klinkov in the film.
karinthala malayalam movie mallurelease

After the film 'Adivasi', Vijeesh Mani started the shooting of 'Karinthala'. Mookkuthala Kannekavil Mohanji has done the switch-on ceremony of the film Karinthala being prepared with 'Karingaali' as its theme. 'Karingaali' is a ritual art that is seen with many wonders during festivals.

karinthala malayalam movie mallurelease

Shaiju Avaran and Kannan Mangalath, who are notable for their album 'Karinkaliyalle', are composing the music for the film Karinthala which includes ten songs.

The crew members said that more information about the film Karinthala will be announced soon.


Rafeeq Ahmed
Manikandan Perumpadappu
Madhavan Chattikkal
Milica Miskovic
Thea Klinkov


* .. Banner
Vijeesh Mani .. Director
* .. Producer
* .. Writer
* .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
* .. Art Director
* .. Makeup
* .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
* .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad .. Pro
* .. Stills
* .. Designs

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