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little crew production no1 malayalam movie mallurelease

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Azadi's Character Teaser Released

azadi malayalam movie mallurelease

Azadi is a Malayalam medical family thriller movie directed by debutant Jo George. Features Sreenath Bhasi, Lal, and Saiju Kurup playing lead roles in this movie with Raveena Ravi as the heroine. The movie is produced by Faizal Raja under the banner of Little Crew Production and the first production under the label. Lal, Saiju Kurup, TG Ravi, Rajesh Sharma, Boban Samuel, Sabu Ami, Gilu Joseph, Abhiram, Antony Eloor, and Abin Bino are also the main stars of the film. As well as the most significant roles in the movie are performed by newcomers Athira and Medha Pallavi with Faisal, Vijayakumar of Kappa fame, and Asha Madathil. The screenplay for the film is written by director Sagar, who is known for his films like Kumbarees, Veekam, Sathyam Mathrame Bodhippikku, and Kanakarajyam.

Saneesh Stantly did the film's cinematography, and Noufal Abdullah edited it. The chief associate director is Sarath Sathya and the associate directors are Akhil Kazhakuttom, Vishnuraj Balakrishnan, and Vivek Vinod. The creative producer is Rais Sumaiya Rahman. The digital marketing is done by BC Creatives and the project designer of Azadi is Stephen Valliyara. Rameez Raja and Reshmi Faisal are the co-producers.

The character teaser of Azadi, directed by Jo George and produced by Faizal Raja under the banner of Little Crew Production was released on 29 October 2023. The teaser has been released focusing on the seven main actors of the film 'Azadi'.

The second-look poster for the movie "Azadi" which was directed by Jo George, a first-timer, and stars Sreenath Bhasi in the title role, has been unveiled on 24 October 2023. Vani Viswanath is pictured on the poster. In this movie, Vani Viswanath makes a comeback after nine years. The poster displays the same appearance as King and Ustaad. The second entry also has the police role, Vaani's masterpiece.

azadi malayalam movie mallurelease

The medical family thriller genre movie tentatively titled 'Little Crew Production No.1' is titled 'Azadi'. The first look poster of 'Azadi', directed by debutant Jo George, starring Sreenath Bhasi in the lead role, was released on 14 October 2023. The shooting of the film Azadi is progressing in Kochi and Kottayam. The title pf the film 'Azadi' is designed by Sarath Vinu.

little crew production no1 malayalam movie mallurelease

According to the director, Jo George, this movie is the ideal family drama. In a suspenseful setting, the movie shows a father and husband trying to save their daughter.

little crew production no1 malayalam movie mallurelease

The pooja of the film is being conducted on 14th April 2023 at Edappally Anchumana Devi Temple. The shooting of the film, featuring Sreenath Bhasi, Lal, and Saiju Kurup in the lead roles, began in Kochi on 2nd August 2023, with Lal performing the switch-on ceremony.

little crew production no1 malayalam movie mallurelease

50th movie by Sreenath Bhasi

This is also Sreenath Bhasi's fiftieth movie since he started acting. Sreenath expressed his joy at the location.

Vani Viswanath, after ten years

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After ten years, Vani Viswanath, the leading lady of Malayalam cinema, is making her comeback in this movie and Vani has a significant role. Vani plays an important police character in the film.

The heroine is Raveena Ravi

The protagonist of this movie is Raveena Ravi, who also starred as the lead in the recently popular Tamil film Maamannan. The Malayalee Raveena is the daughter of the famous dubbing artist Sreeja Ravi. Heroine Raveena Ravi, who got a lot of attention with the super hit political cinema Maamannan, has a great performance in this movie.

little crew production no1 malayalam movie mallurelease

The music for the film is composed by Varun Unni with the lyrics penned by Harinarayanan.

azadi malayalam movie mallurelease



Little Crew .. Banner
Jo George .. Director
Faizal Raja, Remis Raja .. Producers
Sagar Hari .. Writer
Saneesh Stantly .. Cinematography
noufalhaze_imageNoufal Abdullah .. Editor
sahas.bala_imageSahas Bala .. Art Director
Pradeep Gopalakrishnan .. Makeup
Vipin Das .. Costumes
* .. Background Score
Anthony Eloor .. Production Controller
* .. Action
siva.prasad.9279807_imageP Siva Prasad, vazhoor.jose_imageVazhoor Jose, Bijith Vijayan .. Pro
Shijin P Raj .. Stills
yellowtoothians_imageYellowtooths .. Designs
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